Our Story

Our Guarantee

Our brand inspiration comes from Ceylon Kokonatati, a New Zealand based company run by a fourth-generation Ceylonese-Kiwi coconut oil traders from Sri Lanka.

We are Global Ceylon Trading UK limited, a London based organic food products trading company under the brand name “CeyloCoco”. Our aspiration is simply to offer the well-known health benefits of coconut and promote sustainable and healthy living. Also, providing the best of products in acquiring pure Ceylon organic coconuts directly form the best Sri Lankan producers at premium prices. CeyloCoco remain committed to excellence in delivering goodness of coconuts by supporting fair trade in sourcing and producing the best products, connecting cultures and building relationships.

Coconut is one of the major plantation crops in Sri Lanka which accounts for approximately 12% of all agricultural produce in Sri Lanka. Total land area under cultivation is 395,000 hectares and about 2,500 million nuts are produced per year.

Sri Lanka is very popular in world market for Desiccated Coconut (DC) and Brown fiber. Distinguish white colour and characteristic taste of Sri Lankan DC has ranked Sri Lanka at 4th position of world export market for all kernel products. Sri Lanka holds the global No.1 for the exports of Brown fiber.

A technique called drum system is used to extract fiber, resulting in long pure fiber, which are more suitable for brush industry. Our brand inspiration comes from Ceylon Kokonatati…

Our Vision

A sustainable and secure food system that promotes the health of humans and the environment

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and create awareness about health and environmental impacts of organic food and farming.

We will achieve our mission through:

  • Publish credible, evidence-based research papers/publication to study the health and environmental impacts of sustainable organic food and farming.
  • Support organic bodies to Improve the efficacy and sustainability of organic farming methods through scientific research.
  • Sharing our passion, wealth of food and nutritional knowledge, success stories/positive lifestyle impacts through internet, social media.
  • Being an integrated member of the local community.
  • Empowering our customers as brand ambassadors with access to affordable, high-quality, and sustainable products and food